The 2 Pillars Of Success of MLM Home Business Today

Know how to generate lead and recruit online are the twin pillars of a successful MLM home business today.

MLM has not changed much since the 60s when networking as a form of business is in the rage. But today the traditional way is making use of online techniques with just a click of a button.

Get started and get acquainted with the 2 contemporary formats of MLM:

Format No. 1 – Lead Generation

Before the advent of the internet, marketers would need to source for their prospect’s phone numbers and perhaps their mailing address to contact them later. Once they have these two particulars, they would proceed to call them to request for an appointment to meet them at their convenience in order to interest them with your business opportunity. They would have sent them promotional information about your business through the post.

Today, marketers would spend most of their time involved in lead generation processes over the internet. Leads are captured in your squeeze page where your visitors would give you their name and email address in exchange for some relevant free offers.

You prospect these people using your email marketing campaign and coax them to join the network. This is made easier as this list of subscribers would have some interest in the topic or business opportunity after they have read your briefs in your squeeze page.

You have to remember that it is not just any leads that you want. What you want is highly targeted leads who are really interested your business opportunity and who want to be part of network and want to have a business like yours.

Especially in MLM, these targeted leads are more beneficial to your network because they are most willing customers and the chance of falling out is slim.

Format No. 2 – Recruit Online

The best way is to recruit members is through the internet with your own website. Then marketers can promote their website through various marketing methods like the popular ones being article marketing, blogging and even through email marketing campaign.

Once you have these marketing campaigns working for you to drive traffic to your website, both your lead generation and recruiting work will be going auto-pilot.

Network Paging With SMS Cellphone Texting and Its Uses in Business Today

With the ever increasing networking infrastructures being seamlessly integrated to business today, you might think that in fact there would never be any need for ‘old fashioned’ paging systems within today’s environment. Well it is true to say that those computer networks are getting more and more complex and offer more communication than you can shake a stick at.

But actually, that’s part of the problem in any busy business.

Often there is simply too much to handle, what with emails, instant messages, online communications and many more options in this plethora of technological garbage. Indeed, are all of these ‘tools’ available to us simply a distraction to business itself? Often the answer can be a big YES!

So if we take a step backwards for just a moment and think about the real problems that business communications have it can be easier to simply see ‘the wood for the trees’ in an otherwise very cluttered business environment. But thankfully those networks are here to stay. And it’s easy to integrate a system that removes twenty technologies and replaces them with just one simple screen – available from almost anywhere. Now one enterprising company has developed a ‘networked pager system’ for the masses.

Someone developed exactly that. At first sight you may well think that pager systems are not what we need in our business. But consider this, if you have customers that wait, if you have staff that could be in any one of numerous buildings on your site, if you have staff you simply cannot find or even know if they are at work – then you really do NEED that software and system stuff.

Let’s consider that product a little further then it gets a little clearer why a company would indeed consider that product as a solution for their communications to customers and staff alike. Firstly, the system runs on your existing network infrastructure, whether Linux, Windows or Apple it makes no difference. It comprises of a ‘server’ component and that ‘server’ can be connected to from any client with a simple internet browser – and most are supported.

What can it do? where customers or patients are concerned the software offers a pager to recall the customer, a facility to show who has been paged and who has or has not returned and the system operates very simply so for customers guests or patients it’s a really useful tool. In fact customers and patients get a far better and efficient service than with any other product you could name – the bottom line for that is higher efficiency, increased quality of service and ultimately higher throughput with increased bottom line or more efficient use of budgets.

Of course, staff is a different matter. Imagine all the reasons why you cannot communicate with someone in your company? Not on site, not logged in, not even at work, can’t locate etc. The reasons go on and on – and you don’t even have to be a large company to benefit. The software for staff use offers, email, SMS, direct paging, Kiosk communications and even indicates if the staff are contactable at work today. Here’s an example of how it can work. You have a central console screen for each user which is via a browser on your PC. From there you can immediately see who is logged in – employees are listed on your screen by individual and it’s possible to see if they are on site (by use of a login system when the user arrives at work). However if that employee is not on site they have an ‘orange’ light by their name (as opposed to a green light if they are on site). You can see immediately who is on site.

Now, if you ‘page’ an employee, but he happens to be off site then a few things can happen depending on the way the system has been set up within the business. Firstly, the ‘page’ can be translated automatically in to either an SMS or email for delivery right now. In the case of SMS that communication will happen when the user is within the operational condition of his phone supplier and will be delivered – usually very quickly indeed. Alternatively he will receive an email when he next logs in. There is also an option to send messages to him which appears on his ‘console’ screen within the software. But there is even more to this software. Integrated in to the system is a ‘Kiosk’ facility.

This basically allows a user (administrator or designated employee) to develop a task list within the software and to apply that task list to users, groups or everyone. That task list can be viewed (and acted upon) from anywhere there is a browser with internet connectivity – in the example I saw it was an iPad being used through Wi-Fi in a Hotel. The cleaners used the iPad and ‘ticked off’ the tasks as they were complete and the system was updated in real time throughout the Hotel. Of course you could apply that Kiosk mode to any business where tasks need to be given out and followed up on a regular basis to ensure they are completed in time. Yet another feature available within the software environment is the ability to use ‘pagers’ over multiple buildings, areas of the country (in different offices) or even to ‘page’ someone in an office in a different country! And all without cost once the system is in place.

Typically with on-site paging systems, the range is limited and it’s usually very difficult to extend the range of a system beyond a mile or so. But this system uses the network itself to ‘send’ a ‘page’ to a pager without (for the most part) using the wireless transmission which is inherent in this type of system. Furthermore, the manufacturer has developed a way in which the effect of multiple transmitters affecting each other’s transmission is eliminated.

The system uses a type of ‘family’ of transmitters and because it is aware of your location within the organisation, the system will only page the employee from the nearest transmitters – thus eliminating the biggest problem with on-site pagers from ANY company.

Needless to say it is a manufacturers patent and other companies will not be selling that solution sometime soon.

So next time someone says to you ‘hey those paging systems are long out of date – we don’t need them’ just consider all of what this system has to offer the business, hospital or other environment where communications is essential.

Start Your Affiliate Business Today and Profit Quickly!

You have two things that you probably want to accomplish. You want to start building your online business today and you want to profit quickly. Of course this is easier said than done, otherwise, everybody would be doing it! The great thing is that you can start now, and you can create the ultimate auto-pilot wealth machine!

First off, it is important that you know what affiliate marketing actually is. Affiliate marketing is the art of marketing someone else product and getting a return on each referral that you make. Let’s say that you have a friend named bill that’s selling pink wallets. Every person who buys a pink wallet through your website will have you sharing the profit on each sale. It’s a great business model that you should start immediately!

Starting your Affiliate Business Today
You probably want to start your affiliate business today. Here are some quick steps that you want to take to starting your own business today. First off, you want to either use a “free blogger” blog, or you want to ultimately buy your own domain name and web-hosting. You can either start using a wordpress blog or set up your own website.

The key to seeing immediate success with online affiliate marketing is to find a great affiliate program that will ultimately work for you. One of the more popular ones with beginners and even expert affiliate marketers is known as clickbank. You should try it today, as it can have you seeing consistent auto-pilot profits!

How to See Profit Quickly
Believe it or not, it is definitely possible to start seeing profit quickly, you have to ensure that you are doing the right things. The quickest way to see profit is by setting up a landing page (a page that highlights the features of the product, usually one page website), and by using Pay-per-click, also known as PPC. Pay per click can be expensive, but if used right, you’ll start seeing consistent profit on a regular basis!